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Dog Bites

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Virginia is a one-bite state. The state holds you accountable if you violate an animal control law. According to the law, an owner is anyone who owns an animal, keeps an animal, cares for an animal, or acts as a caregiver for an animal. Dog owners in Virginia should have knowledge about their dog or animal’s tendency to harm others.

If the owner is aware of this fact, or if their dog was previously adjudicated as a dangerous dog or a vicious dog, they are required to take measures to prevent their dog from injuring another person or another pet. The law will hold you as the pet owner responsible for the injuries caused by your dog or pet, and owners can face severe punishment if they knew beforehand of their pet’s tendency to harm others, but still failed to take any measures to prevent it from occurring. The dog or pet could also be put down. 

Establishing Evidence Of A Dog Bite Incident

People who have received a dog or animal bite should contact their local authorities and animal control. If someone has been attacked by a dog, the owner can be charged with “dangerous dog” or “vicious dog” and you may also be able to sue civilly for damages. 

Common Injuries In An Animal Bite

Common injuries caused by a dog or animal bite may include: 
  • Discoloration of skin
  • Breaks of skin involving stitches
  • Injuries to the face
  • Injuries to the extremities such as nose, eyes, or ears

People injured by an animal should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Under the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits, people have two years to hold a person responsible for the actions of their pet.

The Coastal Virginia Law Firm of Brook M. Thibault & Associates P.C. can help people fight dog bite cases. We also fight on the behalf of dogs and animals that may have turned violent due to hostile and poor living conditions at home. 

Virginia's Animal Cruelty Laws

The operative animal cruelty law of Virginia states that pet owners who keep their pets such as dogs in an unsanitary environment, void of love and care, will be held accountable for animal neglect. Other instances of animal abuse and cruelty include:
  • Intentional cruelty such as physically harming or injuring an animal (mutilations, killing, and torture)
  • Failing to provide them with food, water, shelter, and veterinary care
  • Treating them in an inhumane manner
  • Using them for entertainment or sports purposes against their will
If you suspect a person is mistreating their dog or any other pet, you should consult with The Coastal Virginia Law Firm of Brook M. Thibault & Associates P.C. You should immediately alert animal control to seize and control the situation, especially if the dog has turned violent due to the pain inflicted on it from its owner. We love dogs and animals of all kinds and will love nothing more than to fight on their behalf.
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